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Briquettes for Industrial Scale Production.


What We Do

Briquettes From Grass (DRG)

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Farming and energy go hand in hand. We create a link between local farming and energy production. Our DRG species is planted in otherwise less productive land that other crops wouldn’t grow. The grass is then crashed, dried, briquetted, packed and shipped to end users in place of fuelwood. 

Briquettes from Bagasse (Sugarcane waste)

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Sugar millers in the Kenyan Sugar Belt have an accumillaton of waste that goes back for decades. these is already a menace for them. We come in and collect the bagasse, dry it and briquette it. Bagasse briquettes are almost smokeless with a very high energy content compared to wood and charcoal.

Briquettes from Sawdust

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Sawdust has piled in East Africa over the years due to excessive cutting down oftree for timber and wood.This sawdust is now a very


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