Wecol Energy:  Ready to Go Green?

WECOL Limited is a Kenyan company introducing innovative solutions tailored to address Africa’s growing demand for energy using local talent as well as sustainable locally available talent as well as resources such as waste.  Africa is known for leapfrogging as seen in the mobile financial technology industry.  We embrace the opportunity to revolutionize the way we generate, distribute and utilize energy using readily available alternative sources of energy. At the core of the African society is the community and by positively impacting the lives and the livelihoods at this level we are contributing to building a better and more prosperous Africa.



To deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy to Africa and beyond using locally available resources.


To be the Largest Energy Development Company in Africa (LEDCOA)


  • People-centric
  • Reliable
  • Partnerships 
  • Impactful
  • Quality 

Ready to Embrace Innovative Solutions to Your Current Energy Demands?

On course to being the Largest Energy Development Company in Africa (LEDCOA)

Drought Resistant Energy Grass (DRG)

Wecol has developed a Drought Resistant Grass strain that is being used a raw material for briquetting and later on power generation.


We produce environmental friendly briquettes that are being used in domestic houses, institutions, large industries among others as a perfect alternative to fuelwood. Our main source of raw materials is bagasse (sugarcane waste) and DRG.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

We pride ourselves as being the best in the industry, with a range of energy solutions for all.We guarantee efficiency, safety and low price compared to the alternatives.


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